It is 2020 and we all know that Corona has absolutely pushed out the most creative things out of us and many of us have turned to the Internet to showcase our stuff. However, it is important to retain your audience so that you have a sustainable viewership or blogging or whatever it is that you have ventured on. Today, I will list down all the blogging/newsletter services which are either completely free or have a free tier that you can start with and go complex later down the line.

  1. Let's start with the simplest of them all and also, one that aims to protect your privacy and sell off of your data. It has two very simple plans - one is free, and the other is $9/month. It has an amazingly simple editor which completely works on Markdown. It even has an email subscription option which allows for recurrent readership. But one major downside of all this simplicity is little to no customization at all. This is more suited to writers (i.e. novels, stories, letters, poetry, etc.)

  2. Proseful: Another one of the those minimalist and simple blogging platform. This is relatively new and run by a single man. Here too, there are two options - a free one, and the paid one is $7/month. Here too, there are no themes but unlike the previous service, the interface is very modern and minimalistic (even the fonts!). This is more suitable for tech & daily bloggers or people who need an update page to their podcast or other services.

  3. Ghost: Now, who doesn't know this service. The reigning champion of open-source and modern web technologies, this service started out as a publisher-friendly WordPress competitor and has since made a name for itself. Ghost has some of the best website themes and a very user-friendly writing backend which is also available natively for Windows, Linux & Mac. It even allows for paid memberships which can be a good sustainable income! But Ghost's own hosting prices are quite high ($29/month) and may not be suitable for everyone. If you are someone with a bit of technical know-how then you can opt for DigitalOcean's One-Click Ghost App Droplet and start your own blog for just $5/month. This is suitable for anyone from photographers to publications

  4. One of the most easy-to-set up blogging service while also being technical. Best suited for developers.

  5. Substack: This is a completely free to use service for creating newsletters. It even allows you to have a subscription model so that you can earn from you what you do.

  6. Typehut: The service I am currently using to write this post/newsletter. It is completely easy to setup and has a free and a paid plan that costs $9/month and allows for custom domains. The best part is you create and account and start writing. They even have specific themes based on if you want to create a newsletter or a blog. Suitable for people of all kinds except those who want a flashy website.

  7. GoNevis: Another relatively new blogging service which is like a mash of Blogger, WordPress & Medium into one but only the best parts. Has 3 pricing options - Free, Personal ($5/m), Professional ($10/m). Suitable for niche bloggers and content writers.